Guide Your Motorcycle Man to Kiss You

1. Step close to your biker man when you stop the motorcycle and have a rest along the road. If you stand by the bike but he happen to stand on the other side, try to hold his hand and watch his eyes affectionately just like the big photo above. Direct him to move closer to you and allow him to touch your hair or face. It is the right time to embrace although the bike is between you. You can also select to seat on the bike and close his hands if you both are on the same side of the bike.

2. Try to be glued to look into his eyes when you drop into his arms of love. And then look fondly at his mouth as the sparks begin to fly in his eyes. Squirming your lips slightly and then closing your eyes is a highly visible signal for waiting for a kiss.

3. It is the end of your mission of preparing a kiss, you would then wait and hope for the best and most passionate response from your guy. Remember to let your biker boy to take the lead and try your best to follow him warmly and naturally as more as possible. The most romantic biker kiss is beginning.

4. Consolidate all your attention on his lips, and put all your heart in every tiny behavior of his tongue as well. Feel his breathing and hear his heart while your two hearts are racing. The wonderful feeling will extend to your whole body and every nerve. The good feeling of Kiss just like a drug is an addiction, because indeed kiss activates some areas of the brain that are involved.

5. Rely on his shoulder and enjoy the aftertaste of your first perfect kiss. It is up to you to keep closing or open your eyes after the kiss. Move apart and walk slowly side by side while you see a happy smail on his face which shows he has experienced a wonderful kiss.

6. Tell him that he is a great biker kisser or you had a wonderful good time, and then he will remember your kiss for ever.